Industries we serve

We specialize on the chemical industry and its various segments, like commodity chemicals, plastics, specialty chemicals (incl. fine chemicals, additives, advanced polymers, adhesives, paints, pigments, coatings, etc), agrochemicals & fertilizers, industrial gases, to ensure a deep undertanding of industry dynamics and practices as a foundation for our recommendations and solutions. execon consultants all had an extensive exposure to the chemical industry either as managers, or as consultants, or both – where they developed specific functional expertise.

We also support clients in the broader group of process industries where we can draw upon our expertise,  such as in construction materials, metal processing,  packaging, oil & gas, Fast-Moving Consumer Goods, and Pharma / Biotech.

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Food & ingredients

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Agrochemicals & fertilizers

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Packaging, pulp, & paper

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Construction materials

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Industrial gases



We have experience and distinct competences in four consulting service lines:

  • Going digital, from smart asset management through digital customer engagement – we boost the digital transformation of our clients end to end. In this, we work together with innovative start-ups (like DexLeChem), smart technology implementors (like ACS AG), and technology think-tanks (like KEX AG)
  • Functional excellence 2025, in operations, supply chain management, procurement, and sales & marketing. We derive, codify, and roll-out functional best-practices that will secure competitive advantage in the next 10 years
  • Product, process & business model innovation, the ultimate source of value for a chemical company. Our deep understanding of chemistry and agile innovation methods put us in the position to significantly drive the innovation pipeline.
  • Sustainable value creation, through pragmatic, impact-oriented EBITDA / cashout programs, M&A support, and post-merger management.


We want to share our distinct, state-of-the-art consulting knowledge with our clients through compact, 1-day-long training modules. All our trainings are held by experienced consultants and are characterized by a high degree of interaction through concrete industry examples and „live“ business cases.