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June 25th, 2018

execon and KEX launch consortium study „Digitalization in Food & Beverage”


execon and KEX launch consortium study „Digitalization in Food & Beverage”

execon and KEX launch consortium study „Digitalization in Food & Beverage"

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After the successful consortium study “Digitalization in process manufacturing”, attended by 20 chemical companies in 2017, execon and KEX AG (RWTH Aachen) launch now the study “Digitalization in Food & Beverage”, that will start in September 2018.  Join the consortium if you work for one or more of the food & beverage industry segments (food manufacturing, food supplements / ingredients, farming / agriculture, packaging / labeling, retail / e-commerce, food supply chain / logistics) and want to:

  • get a deep understanding of the latest Internet of Things (IoT) / Industry 4.0 technologies in the market and how they can be applied to your business
  • learn how data processing and advanced data analytics can help you improve your business
  • get an overview of fast-growing platforms and ecosystems, and how they can be beneficial to your business
  • explore opportunities for new business models and how they can be enabled by smart technologies
  • network with companies from your industry about the digitalization topic in a pre-competitive environment

Some facts about the study:

  • Goal of 20-25 participants
  • approx. 1 year duration (until Q3 2019)
  • 3 key milestones, in Q1 (Technology market trends), Q2 (Technology assessment), Q3 2019 (Business assessment, concrete application cases)
  • Several opportunities to meet in person (in Aachen, Germany) and over virtual workgroups
  • Leverage of the RWTH Aachen academic & expert network

View the Consortium Study “Digitalization in Food & Beverage” Call for Partners 2018.

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