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Digital diagnostics

Digital diagnostics

Digital diagnostics

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What it is, when it makes sense

Chemical companies engaging into a digital transformation have a long series of questions to answer before starting. Some of them are critical to the success of the endeavor, such us: which business processes benefit the most from digitalization? Which technologies are the best for their needs? How should the business model be adapted? How can people be motivated to embrace the transformation? Our digital diagnostics & roadmap answers these questions and helps sketching a detailed path towards the digital transformation that is effective and sustainable.

What you get

Our typical „digital diagnostics & roadmap engagement“ delivers three items:

  • Digital best-practice benchmarking, i.e. the degree of implementation of digital practices in each relevant business process in comparison with other companies in the chemical and other industries.
  • Map of opportunities, i.e. the list of potential smart technologies applications that can help improving business processes, incl. a description of each case (estimate of benefits / costs / implementation time / resources).
  • Prioritization alternatives & roadmap, e. the ranking of opportunities based on different criteria such as return on investment, costs, ability to implement, sustainability, risk, as well as a potential sequencing of implementation of the different realization projects.

How we work

The engagement duration varies in relation to the scope, usually between 2 and 4 weeks. The staff is tailored to ensure the right competences are on-board, typically:

  • One-two experts for the business processes in scope (e.g., sales & marketing, manufacturing, maintenance, procurement, supply chain management, etc.)
  • One-two experts for the smart technologies that may be relevant (e.g., artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, predictive analytics, etc.)
  • A digital project manager with experience in agile project management
  • methods – often this role is exercised by the maintenance expert

During the engagement we pay specific attention to a company DNA and culture to ensure that results are actionable and sustainable.

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